3 Common Reasons Babies Cry And How You Can Help Soothe Them

3 Common Reasons Babies Cry And How You Can Help Soothe Them

Posted on 01. Aug, 2012 by in Birth, Family, newborn, Pregnancy

It’s never any fun to see your baby crying and uncomfortable.

And sometimes we don’t always understand exactly why they’re crying, rather we just assume there’s a simple fix to the noise and unhappiness.

But that’s not always the case.

Here are three reasons why our babies may be crying and what we can do to help soothe them.

Common Upsetters

This can encompass anything from being hungry, to being too hot or too cold, having a full diaper, and even having an upset tummy.

Considering our babies can’t talk, it’s up to us as parents to become in tune with them so that we can better meet their needs.

While it’s true that those babies that are colicky do tend to cry for what seems like no reason, all babies cry for us because they need us.

So your first step in soothing your crying baby will be to be sure that all of his basic needs are met.

When is the last time he ate, the last clean diaper he’s had, and is he in a climate controlled environment?

If you have a newborn, keep in mind that their tummies are small, so frequent feedings will be the norm.

Another cause for crankiness is your baby’s clothes. Babies like to be comfortable just like we do. Anything that is too restricting, tight, or rough on their skin has the potential to cause skin rashes and an overall feeling of restlessness.

It’s always best to put your baby in clothes that are 100% cotton so that they can be comfy and move freely within them.

Sounds, Background Noise, And Temperature

Pay attention to the climate and ambiance of your surroundings. It could be that your child is cranky because they’re cold or too hot.

Sound is another potential upsetter to infants. Your TV may be blasting and it’s scaring them, or your other children may be playing too close to where your baby is trying to sleep.


Your baby may be cranky simply because they want to be held.

All babies crave attention and they deserve it. If you feel like you’d like your arms and hands free to do other things then think about investing in a carrier.

There are numerous styles on the market today and you should try different ones out to see which work best for your needs while still keeping your baby snug, comfortable, and secure.

If you’ve had a busy day with your family, too much overstimulation can also make your little one a bit antsy.

He may need some alone time with mama to help calm him down and regain his comfortable composure.

There’s nothing like a mother’s arms to cradle your child into their restful state. Sit and rock with your baby, or sing to them while you gently stroke their cheeks, even just having them rest on you and hear your heart beat sync with theirs will be more than enough to chase the moodiness away from the both of you.


  • It’s important to remember that the more time you take to connect with your baby from the start, the more in tune you’ll be at meeting their needs and knowing what they require when their crying kicks in.


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