4 Back To School Saving Tips For The Frugal Family

4 Back To School Saving Tips For The Frugal Family

Posted on 30. Aug, 2012 by in Family

Let’s face it – back to school shopping can get expensive if you’re not a savvy shopping mama.

We all love a good deal, but the problem stems when we don’t know how to go about finding it.

If your kids aren’t back to school yet they will be soon, so why not save some money as you buy all the supplies they’ll be needing for the year?

Here are four areas to show you how.

1. Take Inventory

While not everything can be reused from year to year, a lot of things can.

And I bet you have more things the kids can use at school lying around your house then you know.

Pick a day or two before you actually go back to school shopping and make a list of what the kids need, what you already have that can be used as school supplies, and what you know you’re going to have to buy brand new.

This way you won’t be buying double of something or pick up an item that you didn’t really need since you had one at home.

2. Have A Budget

New pens and notebooks are like gold to the eyes of our little ones – and they want them all.

Having and sticking to a budget will really help those trying to save money on their back to school supplies. And always be on the lookout for coupons, manufacturers know that frugal families simply adore coupons and the companies love to give them out around school time.

Talk to your kids beforehand and let them know that you have a budget that can’t be exceeded – so they may be hearing a lot of ‘no’s’ while you complete your back to school shopping.

Regardless of what your budget is, if you take the time to do inventory beforehand and inform your kids there’s a set amount to be spent, you should be able to tackle the school’s list with ease.

3. Don’t Forget About Online Shopping

Online shopping is growing at alarming rates, and stores know this.

They’ll be vying for your attention with deals that will be hard to resist and many will also be offering free shipping on school supplies – so you’ll save time, gas, and money by shopping in the comfort of your own home.

If you don’t feel like visiting each of your favorite retailer’s sites individually, no problem, there are comparative sites that do the work for you.

Sites like Shopping.com and Pricegrabber.com will effortlessly compare prices on the item you’re looking for so take advantage of their help to find the best deals for what’s on your list.

4. Enlist The Help Of Friends And Family

Think clothing swap, supply swap, and backpack swap.

Some kids aren’t as hard on their things as yours might be, so their backpack from last year still can take a beating for another year or two.

Have a ‘swap night’ for those friends and family whose children are close in age to yours and see what you can check off your list for free. Your child may have grown out of a few pairs of jeans but they’re still in wearable condition and suitable for school – so swap them for something else and keep your money in the bank while you do.


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