4 Essential Must-Haves For Family Road Trips

4 Essential Road Trip Must-Haves For The Kids

Posted on 08. Aug, 2012 by in Family

Road trips are normally a fun excursion to undertake, even when the kiddies tag along.

But sometimes they can flip from fun to ferocious in no time.

Having essential items to keep the little ones busy is key to a successful road trip of any length.

Here are our four top picks to pack when it’s time to hit the road with the family.

1. Neck Pillows

We know our little ones will most likely zonk out on a long road trip, so why not make them comfy while they do so.

We love anything cute and usable here at The American Pregnancy Association, so when we saw these neck rests by Skip Hop (www.skiphop.com), we knew they’d be just perfect for travel outings with our own family.

Check them out, there are tons of cute animals to choose from.

2. Reading Helpers

My son has used his Leap Frog Tag Reading System since he was a toddler. Even though he just turned six, that hasn’t stopped him from picking it up to enjoy being read to.

I always make sure I carry this system around with me when we’re in the car or going to an appointment.

Our favorite books to use with LeapFrog’s Tag system has been the Scooby Doo ones, but were also big fans of the Cars movie books as well.

With so many titles to choose from, there’s no way your kids will get tired of using that as a distractor to pass the time.

3. Magnetic Toys

Who doesn’t love toys that magically come together?

We’re a fan of anything by Tegu (www.tegu.com), but we especially love this 8-piece block set that has safely hidden magnets in them – allowing our kids to click them together in as many shapes as they can muster.

And because the blocks come with their own carrying pouch, they’re an easy toy to pack and pull out when the ‘are we there yet’ anthems start rolling in from the peanut gallery.

4. Bingo Cards

These are such a great thing to have on road trips, that I invested in some as soon as my son could point out signs and things to me while relaxing in his car seat.

We’re especially fond of the Auto Bingo cards, since you don’t need any markers – they’re built right into the card itself so there’s nothing to lose while your family plays them.

They also have different options on the cards such as interstate highways and I Spy.

Bingo is so much fun, it’s a classic game that kids and adults of all ages will enjoy while taking in the scenery.

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