4 Things To Do To Move Your Family Forward In A Positive Way

4 Things To Do To Move Your Family Forward In A Positive Way

Posted on 20. Aug, 2012 by in Family

It’s easy to feel like our family falls into a routine on a daily basis.

It can seem as if you’re simply passing each other by without really feeling involved and a genuine part of what’s going on in everyone’s life.

It’s no secret that the family that plays together stays together, so here are four areas where you can strengthen your family’s bond and move forward together in a positive way.

1. Stop Procrastinating

Have you wanted to plan a family vacation or special weekend but feel as if it’ll be impossible to get everyone together? It isn’t.

Plan it – don’t keep putting it off.

Do you want to have a nice weekend alone with the family — cooking homemade meals and snuggling on the couch watching movies?

Get everyone involved in the meal planning and movie watching and enjoy yourselves.

Your kids are only this age once — and you and your partner aren’t getting any younger. Appreciate each other and your family now before the kids leave for college.

2. Don’t Overlook The Positives

Your family was made because two people loved each other enough to want to bring children into their world. Don’t let that point fall to the waste side.

If it seems as if you’re not a unified unit as a family, stop dwelling on the negatives and refocus the vision of your family into a positive one.

Is everyone healthy? Is everyone loved? Is everyone safe and well cared for? Then you have all the blessings you need.

Encourage family time to let each other know that the love is still as strong and unified as ever, it’s the tie that binds you all together in perfect adoration and there’s nothing that could sever or waiver your bond.

3. Balance Work And Family Life

If you and your partner both work full time and are raising your family full time then it’s easy to let certain values and family time fall to the side in pursuit of providing for your family.

Find a job that will cater to your willingness to put your family first. This doesn’t mean finding a job where you can call out at will and go in late constantly, that’s not the point.

The gist is to work with your employer so that they, as well as your family, get an equal share of you. This goes for your partner and their job too.

If one of you has to work late and the kids have soccer games, then make it a point that either you or your partner is there for every game.

That may mean that one of you has to go into work early that day in order to leave at the right time to get to the game.

Give and take is essential to keeping your family first as well as being a good employee.

4. Let Past Failures Go

Nothing keeps happiness away better than dwelling in the past and how it went wrong.

Accept that mistakes and bad times happen even to the best of families and move forward with the now in the most positive way.

If you’ve been neglecting family meals, start setting family dinner time aside and make sure everyone sits and eats together. If you feel you haven’t been there enough for your family, adjust your schedule so you are.

Figure out how you want to best move your family closer towards togetherness and make it a point to take positive steps toward that goal.

Bringing your family forward as a respectful whole will let everyone know just how loved and appreciated they are.


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