4 Home Office Feng Shui Tips For The Work-At-Home Mom

4 Home Office Feng Shui Tips For The Work-At-Home Mom

Posted on 24. Sep, 2012 by in Family

Working at home is a wonderful luxury, especially when you have kids.

But keeping a designated office space is hard for some and then keeping that office space tidy is even harder if your kids are around.

Feng Shui is an easy and relaxing way to create a better ambiance within your home office space so that when you go in there to work, the energy is flowing in a positive manner in and out of that space.

Think it’s hard to get a grasp on Feng Shui for your office space? Think again, mamas. Here are four quick ways to create that atmosphere of positivity within your home work space.

1. Think Simply

Feng Shui is all about simplicity and placing items that draw the positive energy into your space for a softer and more fulfilling atmosphere.

This can’t happen if your office is cluttered with over-sized furniture and nonsense things that don’t belong there.

Declutter the space, if it isn’t already, and pick furniture and decorations that really speak to your personal style but that are also functional as well.

Paint the walls a bright and inviting color so that when you enter your office space, it will welcome you in with open arms.

2. Front Facing Is Key

Be sure to position your desk towards the door.

You never want to have your back facing the door if you’re practicing Feng Shui in the space.

Seeing those who enter not only fills you with a sense of security but it allows you to greet all those entering guests with a warm smile and an open line of communication right off the bat — making both your guests and you immediately calmer and more accepting of each other.

3. Make Yourself Comfortable

If you’ll be spending a better part of your day at your desk and chair, then better make it comfy for yourself, right?

There are numerous options for desks with adjustable heights as well as ergonomically designed desk furniture so that you can work both efficiently and comfortably while at your desk.

If you’re going to splurge in any area of using Feng Shui for your home office, effective desks and chairs is where you’ll want to do it.

Don’t forget about your computer’s height either. Take measurements and find the correct chair that you can make adjustments on so that you can position yourself at the right height so that you’re not slouching your back and shoulders while working.

4. Inspire Yourself Naturally

Bring in items and decorations that reflect your passions, your desires, and your intended direction.

Feng Shui loves to speak to the elements (earth, air, fire, water, and metal) so keep this in mind when you’re introducing furnishings and fixtures into your home office.

Examples of decorating according to the five elements of Feng Shui could be a picture with your family near the water, Zen-like fountains, plants, and even crystals.

Keep in mind, that when incorporating the five elements of Feng Shui into your home office it’s always best to keep things balanced.

One of each element, or two items representing each element — don’t overdo it with water signs and forget to add in earth representations is the point.


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