4 Ways To Babyproof Your Bathroom

4 Ways To Babyproof Your Bathroom

Posted on 19. Sep, 2012 by in Birth, Family

This little room in your house can be a tremendous danger for your baby if you’re not careful.

There are tons of little things that you probably never thought could be hazardous for your baby to get into once in the bathroom.

But we figured out four of the best ways to babyproof your bathroom by trial and error on our own part and now we want to share them with you.

1. Test The Waters

Water temperature is so important when giving your little one a bath.

What may feel warm to you could be on the hot side for your baby’s delicate skin.

Let the water run for a few minutes when you’re melding the hot and cold together so that each temperature has a chance to reach its full potential. Then you’ll know exactly how it’s going to feel for your baby.

2. Remember The Tub Spout

Even if you place your baby far from the spout of the tub where the water flows out, our little ones are squirmy beings and they have the potential to move closer to that area without you even realizing it.

Invest in a spout cover, they come in an array of shapes, sizes, and colors so that you’ll be sure to find one that your little one likes as well.

We favor this adorable elephant spout cover by Kel Gar.

3. Prevent Slippage

Slipping often comes totally unannounced to those who experience it.

Our babies really don’t have a good grasp on their balance to begin with so it’s important that we keep them safe as well as ourselves when bath time comes around.

Invest in a safe, non-slip mat (we love Aquatopia’s kneeler mat) to place at the base of the tub as well as non-slip grips for the inside of the tub.

This way, when you’re leaning over the tub to wash your baby, you’ll have the support of the mat on the outside and when you’re little one is in the tub, they’ll have the added protection of the tub grips to sit on.

4. Lock Up Meds And Products

Think your little one won’t grab for your hairspray or that can of Scrubbing Bubbles? Think again, mama.

They can and they will — faster than you can say ‘stop’.

You can grab a few cabinet locks at your local superstore to give you peace of mind in avoiding any mishaps.


  • Always be proactive when it comes to reducing dangers in the bathroom. Never leave any child unattended while they’re in there and if you think your child may be able to get into an area, they most likely will.


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