4 Ways To Find Yourself When The Kids Have You Feeling Lost

4 Ways To Find Yourself When The Kids Have You Feeling Lost

Posted on 14. Sep, 2012 by in Family

At times it can seem as if motherhood is redundant. You fall into a routine and barely know what day it is.

Losing your sense of self has a tendency to creep up on us while we’re busy parenting and raising our kids.

Here are four simple areas that you can reclaim within yourself when it feels like you don’t know where ‘you’ve’ gone.

1. Realize Where You Are

Understand that you’re here – in the present. It’s all you can really control.

Sure, you can plan for tomorrow, you can plan a family vacation six months down the road, and you can even plan to throw a birthday party for your kids.

But when it comes right down to it, you’re situated in the now, in the right this moment, in the present — and it’s all you have to get a handle on.

Become the now, meditate on it, and feel it running through you. Take a few deep breaths in and out and fill yourself with the calmness of the notion that you are able to take charge of the now, and only the now.

2. Remember Yourself

Do you like to paint? Perhaps horseback riding is your passion?

Whatever it is (or was) that you enjoy doing, take it up again, even if it’s been years since you have.

Yes, mamas, there’s time for you even when you’re shuffling kids to and from school and activities.

It’s important for you to never stop creating, growing, and reinventing yourself into the old and new you.

You’ll feel more loving towards you and that will flow out onto your family.

3. Focus On What’s Important

Only put onto your plate what you can handle today.

Don’t worry about a year from now and what may happen then.

While it’s great to plan for the future, it’s out of your hands and your attention is needed on the tasks for today.

4. Love And Forgive

This is a mighty hard step, I know, but one that will do wonders for yourself.

Let all the negativity, and hurt, and anger, and resentfulness go. Release it into the sky like a band of balloons.

Did a friend wrong you, a partner lie to you, a family member betray you? Forgive them within yourself and allow all the pain to dissolve into the past.

Realize your true attachments lie with your family, especially your children. They need a healthy mama to guide them and this means one of sound body and mind.

Your family needs a genuine, good mother to head the family – one who is making decisions for the better, growing everyone’s creativeness daily, and nourishing the love that’s already present.

So forgive those that you harbor bitterness for and extend love’s grasp from here on forward. Smile and let the world know you’re a better person today than you were yesterday.


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