4 Ways To Stay Connected To Your Kids While Traveling

4 Ways To Stay Connected To Your Kids When Traveling

Posted on 28. Sep, 2012 by in Family

Being away from your family is hard and none but our kids feel it the most.

Regardless if you’re mom or dad, your kids will miss you while you’re on the road. Bedtime won’t be the same, they’ll miss out on an extra kiss before school and the overall absence of one of their parents will be surely felt.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on what’s going on at home if you’re traveling for work.

Here are four ways to stay connected to your children while you’re away from home.

1. Have A Schedule

Plan out the best times to call home. We all have smart phones or computers where we can download Skype and see each other during video chats – so use technology to your advantage.

Not only will it allow you to see your family in real time but it also lets your kids know that you’re putting aside specific time to connect with them while you’re away — and that can make a huge difference to your children when they’re missing you.

2. Audiobooks Are A Hit

One of the simplest ways you can keep your kids reminded of your love is to record yourself reading a story to them.

There’s an array of books to choose from where you simply press record and read the pages. Your family will love having the story read to them but also your kids will love to hear your voice and feel close to you.

Our pick is Guess How Much I Love You from Hallmark’s record-a-book series.

3. Pick Out Meaningful Gifts While You’re Away

All children adore getting presents from their parents so while you’re traveling be sure to choose gifts that speak to the bond you share with your family.

If you know your daughter loves elephants, then choose something that highlights that aspect but also ties in your role in her life.

Don’t forget to keep durability in mind as your kids will want to play with the gift. Choose something that will withstand some play time as well as hold its meaning for years to come.

4. The Home Stretch

In the days right before you’re coming home, raise the excitement level for your family. Think of fun things like a countdown board or a personalized calendar that you both can enjoy during your video chats.

And once you reach your haven, drop everything and spend some time with your kids. Embrace them and let them know how much you’ve missed them and go over their gifts with them in detail – be sure to explain why you picked them for each child individually and what they mean to you as well as what message you hope your children get from them.

Talk about your trip – where you went, why you went, and what you did while you were away. Our kids are eager learners and they’ll love hearing the details about your adventures away – even if it was a business trip.


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