6 Super Sneaky Ways To Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

6 Super Sneaky Ways To Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

Posted on 21. Sep, 2012 by in Birth, Family, newborn, Pregnancy

Getting back to your shape after giving birth varies for all moms. Some of us bounce right back in a matter of weeks while others are still dieting a year later.

Instead of making it a big production, tricking your body back to its pre-baby shape is a great way to go.

You won’t have to count points or measure out your food — these are simple, easy tricks that you can work into your everyday routine of motherhood. You won’t even realize they’re making a huge difference without you even trying, and you’ll love the results.

1. Adjust Your Plate Size

Get yourself in the habit of eating from small, desert-sized dishes and bowls. Grab your kids’ bowls and plates if you want to, I do.

You won’t be able to overload them and you’ll be surprised at how portion control works itself in without you even knowing it.

2. Use White Plates And Bowls

By using white for your dishes and bowls, you’re allowing your mind to work with your stomach in that you are physically and mentally seeing the contrast between what you’re eating and how much of it you’re piling on your plate.

Take chili for example, ladling it into red bowls wouldn’t be such a shocker as the colors would meld together — but pile that goodness into a gleaming white bowl, and you immediately get to eyeball not only the beauty of the food you cooked, but how much you’ll be consuming.

Again, portion control ease without you even trying.

3. Snack Smart

Of course you can snack and treat yourself, and you should, but within reason.

Make snacking easy on yourself by cutting up scrumptious finger foods such as baby carrots, bananas, apples, celery sticks and whatever else you enjoy and toss them into snack-sized bags so they are readily available when your snacking desire hits you.

I know that when I’m snooping in the kitchen, I tend to grab what’s in front of me and easily accessible. Therefore, I often buy what my sweet tooth enjoys in those convenient 100-calorie packs.

This way, I can savor those chocolate-covered pretzels without downing the entire bag and not realizing it.

4. Think Tall

Drink your beverages out of tall and slim glasses.

It’s kind of the same Jedi-mind trick with the smaller plate size — the tall glasses give the illusion you have a lot of liquid in front of you when you actually don’t.

This applies to everything besides water obviously. You can and should be downing copious amounts of water daily. Not only is it good for your body but it also helps to curb your appetite.

5. Small Is The New Big

Whatever is on your plate, cut it into small pieces and take your time eating it. This includes everything from chicken to steak to your veggies.

Cut up your food like you would normally and then go back and re-cut it again into even smaller pieces. Here’s the trick though, don’t grab a lot of food on each forkful, keep it to a normal-sized pick-up.

You’ll create the illusion of eating more because you’ll have to go back for more forkfuls to grab all the pieces.

6. Wait To Refill

If you feel like you’re still hungry after you’ve followed the above steps, give yourself at least fifteen minutes before you run up to grab a second helping.

Sometimes our eyes really are bigger than our stomachs and it’s not so much that we’re still hungry but that we’re so used to going up and refilling our plates.

Wait it out, drink some water, and then see if you’re still really hungry or you’re just going up because it’s what you’ve always done.


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