3 Fantastic And Frugal Fall Activities For The Whole Family

3 Fantastic And Frugal Fall Activities For The Whole Family

Posted on 08. Oct, 2012 by in Family

It’s that lovely time of year again, and my personal favorite of all the seasons, fall.

Pumpkins and scarecrows and breathtaking foliage are abound, especially here in New England.

I love grabbing my family and heading out on day trips to take in the scenery while sipping on hot chocolate.

If you’re looking for the same for your family, we’ve got three fantastic activities to do with the whole fam, read on.


Totally free and a great way to sneak in some family exercise and bonding time without breathing a word that’s your secret plan.

Pack a day’s worth of snacks, meals, and drinks and toss it all in a backpack and get to walking.

Point out all the breathtaking things Nature has to offer and stop to snack every now and again.

Your family will thrive off of the one-on-one time and you’ll get to snap some great family photos of the kids in action.

2. Pumpkin And Apple Picking

I know that my fall season wouldn’t be complete without this activity.

How much fun is it to watch your children rummage through the pumpkin patch in search of their most favorite pumpkin ever?

Or pointing out the most perfect apple and helping your child reach it?

Pumpkins are great for displaying, painting, carving, and baking their seeds and apples are a staple in some of the best pies and cider.

I’d bring the video camera if I were you, the kids will love looking back on the memories.

3. Corn Mazes And Hayrides

Talk about fun!

Corn mazes are a great family activity that also comes with a low price tag.

Most are family-friendly and not scary but be sure to double check before setting off just in case. My family steers clear of anything spooky but we love a good corn maze and hayride after we’ve made it through to the end.

You can also mix it up a bit and send one of the children off with dad while one stays with you for some friendly family competition to see who can get out first.


  • As with all family outings, be sure to pick them based on what your family enjoys. Get everyone involved in the planning and have a wonderful time enjoying each other.

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