4 Simple Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

4 Simple Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Posted on 16. Oct, 2012 by in Family

It’s such a toss-up these days — deciding whether or not we should let our children on the Internet.

Normally, hoping online is a fun, fast, and free way to have all the information we could ever ask for right at our fingertips — and that’s great for adults, but for our kids it can be scary, both for them and for us as parents.

Here are four really easy and simple ways to keep tabs on your children’s online activity, regardless of their age.

1. Communication

First and foremost what needs to be had is a discussion with you and your children about the computer in general.

Make a list of topics you’d like to hit on such as the good and bad of the Internet and what sites are safe.

Let them know you will be monitoring their computer use on a regular basis and you don’t ever expect to find questionable pictures or behavior while they’re on it.

2. Computer Placement

It’s hard to be able to keep tabs on your kids’ online activity if they’re forever on their computer in their room and out of sight.

Make it a point to set ground rules that call for their computer use to be where you can see it.

Maybe they can only use the computer at the kitchen table while you’re preparing dinner or in the living room for an hour before bed.

If your children know that you are monitoring them, it sets the ground rules with straightforward clarity that you care about their online activity and that it can be taken away from them if need be.

3. Parental Controls

Many of us use parental controls on numerous electronic devices and have for quite some time, while some of us don’t even know our devices come equipped with them.

Become familiar with the fact that just about everything that falls under the category of ‘electronics’ comes with the ability to monitor and control your children’s usage with whatever product they’re on.

If you are unsure of how to use the parental controls correctly, call the company or the manufacturer or do a quick search online.

Parental controls give you the ability to effortlessly control the amount of time your children spend on their electronic device, what websites they can visit, what shows they can watch, and a number of other safety rules you can set to keep your kids safe while using technology.

4. Time Management

You decide how long you want your kids online for each day and stick to the plan.

Maybe it’s an hour after school and a half an hour before bed. For the older kids, it will beneficial to give them the most leniency while they are doing their homework in case they need to research anything online.

It’s never a good idea to allow your kids, regardless of their age, to sit idly online all day.

Computer use should be limited, monitored, and regulated continuously with your children, regardless of their age.


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