The 5 Best Websites For Preschool Readiness

The Best 5 Websites For Preschool Readiness

Posted on 24. Oct, 2012 by in Family

If you have a little one on the brink of being a preschooler, then you know you’re in for a time full of learning coupled with playing.

And, since the Internet is so easily accessible and entertaining to our little ones, why not engage them with fun and free games they can not only learn from but be engrossed in at the same time?

Here are five of the best websites that you and your toddler can use to ready themselves for preschool.

1. Website

Easily navigated and large graphics make a favorite among teachers and kids.

2. PBS Kids Website

A long time go-to for parents and educators looking to give their kids and students a helping hand in the learning department, makes good use of its children’s programming characters to get kids interested in learning.

3. The Sesame Street Website

Kids can learn with their favorite Sesame Street character by playing games, watching videos, and interacting in alphabet games.

Visit to get started.

4. The Sprout Website

The website of the Sprout Channel, Sprout Online is a safe and secure site for kids of all ages.

When your kids visit, a world of fun awaits them.

Everything from coloring pages to games and even craft ideas are just waiting to be discovered.

5. NickJr’s Website

Chances are, your toddler will know every single character on this fun website and they’ll just adore being able to play and learn with them.

From old favorites such as Blues Clues and Dora the Explorer to brand new shows such as Mike the Knight and Tickety Toc — will have your whole family learning without even realizing it.



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