3 Ways To Make Life As A Mom Easier

3 Ways To Make Life As A Mom Easier

Posted on 16. Nov, 2012 by in Family

3 Ways To Make Life As A Mom Easier

As if it isn’t hard enough….motherhood.

It’s physically draining and emotionally daunting, but we do love it, don’t we, mamas?

To gaze at our children lovingly and hold them in our arms and take away all their fears is a superpower no one else possesses except us — and it’s awesome to say the least.

But at times it can be stressful, trying to organize the family and its happenings.

So here are three ways to simplify things a little bit more for you and make your life as a mom a tad less exhausting.

1. Go Hands Free

It may sound trivial, but think of the time you spend on the phone just waiting.

Waiting on hold, waiting to be transferred, and waiting to hear your correct prompt.

Use a hand free headset or your phone’s speakerphone and utilize that waiting time to get other things done such as jotting down food lists or composing dinner ideas or even folding clothes.

The key to efficient daily doings when you’re the matriarch of the family is multitasking, trust me.

2. Have A Center Storage

For all of the things that you and your family will be using on a daily basis, it’s best to have a basket or a drawer or even a cabinet where you keep all the essentials.

Keep things like phones, tablets, chargers of all kinds, house keys, car keys, wallets, backpacks, purses, etc in that space so that everyone will know where the most used items are and time won’t be spent having to hunt them down on a daily basis.

Such an easy thing, but so many families don’t have a central ‘station’ where the most used items can call home.

Trust me, this center storage will be a lifesaver when you’re short on time.

3. Optimize Opportunities

Think things like stocking up on cards for every occasion, having extra neutral-themed gift bags and wrapping paper around, keeping extra gifts on hand for those unexpected invites or congratulatory times.

Maybe your kids got a last minute invite to a birthday party, or your husband’s close friend received an unexpected promotion – whatever the occasion, being optimized and ready will set your mind at ease and help alleviate stress.

Also, don’t forget to optimize your time by shopping for items online. You can pretty much purchase anything and everything online these days, and while some of us still aren’t entirely comfortable shopping online, many of us are.

Online shopping is a great way to help you use your time for other family happenings.


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