Getting The Whole Family Into The Holiday Spirit

Getting The Whole Family Into The Holiday Spirit

Posted on 23. Nov, 2012 by in Family

Some years – you just feel it. Everyone in your family is delving into the holiday spirit. Christmas music seems happier, tree trimming is fun, and waiting for Santa is the best thing ever.

While other years it feels like any other time of the year and you have to force yourself and your family to enjoy the holidays.

Here are some easy ways to give back, get into, and simply enjoy the time during the holidays as a family.


1. Make Gifts Together As A Family

Instead of toting the kids around on Black Friday to secure deals, give some thought to your present giving and start creating homemade gifts you and your family can do together.

Family time will be well spent and a hands-on approach will help get everyone into the holiday spirits — not to mention letting your kids witness the love and time the whole family puts into each gift.

2. Donate What You Can

Round the family up and go through clothes, toys, and everything that you no longer need or have grown out of.

Divvy your goodies up and drop them off at various charities that you all pick out together.

Or donate yourselves to a good cause. Walk for cancer, cook food for a soup kitchen, or head over to a friend’s or relative’s house and clean up their yard debris or help organize their garage.

3. Embrace Family Rituals

If you don’t have any — create some.

If you’ve been slacking on some of the ones your family used to celebrate — bring them back.

If you feel like you don’t have enough — come up with some new additions.

The point is to engage your family into the thought process so that you can come up with some heartwarming rituals that can be passed down through the generations to keep the family and holiday spirit alive.

4. Holiday Movie Time

Once a week during the holidays (and after as well) gather the family up in the living room for some marathon holiday movie sessions.

Everything goes, from Charlie Brown to the Grinch to Miracle on 34th Street.

Make hot chocolate, bake some goodies, and pop some popcorn. Enjoy yourselves while you cuddle together as a family and enjoy each other’s company.


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