Staying Hydrated And Nourished During Pregnancy

Posted on 13. Nov, 2012 by in Pregnancy, Pregnancy Education

Many women know that staying properly hydrated during pregnancy is crucial, and for a lot of reasons—supporting the expansion blood volume, renewal of amniotic fluid, breast milk production and flow, kidney and liver function, elimination of wastes, and even for healthy energy levels and avoiding fatigue.

But the fact is that many pregnant women still don’t get enough water and fluids to stay properly hydrated. Oftentimes it is difficult to drink the recommended 8-12 glasses per day, and many women do not enjoy having to drink that much water each and every day.

Prenatal Oxylent is the ideal prenatal vitamin for women who struggle with drinking enough water every day, because it’s not like other pill-form prenatal vitamins—it’s a drink mix! Each single-serving packet adds to water to create a sparkling drink that tastes great while also delivering all the nutrients you need from your prenatal vitamin—including folic acid/folate, iron, vitamin A, choline, and B vitamins.

Drinking Prenatal Oxylent satisfies two important needs at once—you get your daily prenatal vitamin, and you get one of your recommended glasses of water for the day, with the refreshing change of pace of the all-natural sparkling cranberry raspberry flavor.

Not only tastier and more pleasant to take than pill-form prenatal vitamins, Prenatal Oxylent is also better absorbed than pills. Research shows that the effervescent delivery of Prenatal Oxylent allows for greater absorption of the crucial nutrients your body needs even more of during pregnancy.

The American Pregnancy Association has recognized Prenatal Oxylent as their official prenatal vitamin, and third party testing ensures its purity and potency.

Choosing your liquids wisely is a big part of staying properly hydrated while pregnant. Sugary and caffeinated beverages actually dehydrate your body—not only do they not count in your daily fluid intake, but they actually work against your recommended intake are and thus best avoided altogether.

Prenatal Oxylent contains no sugar, no caffeine, no herbs, no gluten, no dairy, and no artificial additives of any kind—just the highest quality nutrients in their most absorbable form, with a great sparkling cranberry raspberry taste.


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