5 Free Summer Activities For The Entire Family

Posted on 14. Jul, 2013 by in Family

5 Free Summer Activities For The Whole Family

Ahhhh, summer. It’s the time of year when we often wonder how to keep our children occupied without them getting bored.

Fear not, parents, for we’ve compiled some fantastic summer resources and activities for your whole family to enjoy – for free!


1. Check Out Your Local Library:
Free summer fun is virtually a drive down the street. Your local library offers numerous summer activities for your kids as well as your entire family. The best part? Everything is free so long as you’re a member of the library.

2. Off To The Park

Your local Parks and Recreation Department plans lots of fun summer happenings for your family to enjoy. Get on your local parks’ website to see what activities await you – most are free or extremely low in cost.

3. Volunteer Your Time
Not only is volunteering a feel-good activity for your entire family, but your kids will get the message that helping others is a lifelong virtue that affects both parties positively.

Think volunteering at your local library, homeless and battered shelters, animal shelters, museums, theatres, and even your local newspapers.

An added bonus – your family will make connections that may prove successful as your kids get older.

4. Backyard Arts And Crafts
Spread out and see what Mother Nature has offered you and your family to make arts and crafts projects.

Think collages with flowers or awesome photos that your kids can take and add to a scrapbook for their summer memories.

5. Local Free Attractions
Check with your local Chamber of Commerce to see exactly what your city and town have to offer in terms of free family entertainment.

You’ll be surprised at what fun awaits – think concerts and movies – and all with no price tag.


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