Pampering During Pregnancy

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Pamper Yourself During PregnancyPregnancy can be a beautiful time for you. You’re growing a life that your incredible body knows exactly how to care for. But, as you’re probably aware of at this point, pregnancy does bring a lot of challenges as your body adjusts to this new stage, you will perhaps experience any number of pregnancy symptoms ranging from nausea to bloating. Also, your body will begin to look different as you grow to accommodate your developing baby.

This is good and it’s healthy to experience some weight gain during pregnancy. However, with your body changing, in addition to some of the less then glamorous symptoms you may be experiencing, there may be days where you feel less than stellar in your own skin. There may be days you look in the mirror and instead of seeing how beautiful you are, you see that your body looks different, or that your sweaty from morning sickness, or that your bloating.

The thing is, even during these times, you are beautiful and so is your body. But there are still days when we want to feel like it too! You deserve to feel that way, and whose day doesn’t get a little bit better when they can go through it feeling just a little bit better about themselves. So here are just some ways that during this time, you can do everything you can to feel as beautiful as everyone knows you are.

  • Tell your spouse or partner if they are present. Now, I’m not saying that you should go phishing for compliments on a daily basis, however expressing your insecurities about your changing looks during pregnancy to your spouse or partner will let them know what’s going on in your head. Sometimes just hearing that your partner thinks you’re beautiful, or that they are attracted to you can do wonders for how you feel.
  • Get a massage, but check with your doctor first. Generally, massages are considered safe and this is a great way to feel pampered and relaxed in your own body.
  • Take a warm bath. This is safer then hot tubs, and can still relax your and soothe you and make you feel pampered. Find your favorite scent of bubbles, maybe light a few candles, and ease into a warm bathtub.
  • Get a pedicure/manicure. As long as the place is safe and uses good tools, treating your hands, and especially your feet (they may be aching more than usually) can be a great way to pamper yourself during pregnancy.
  • Wear something that makes you feel pretty.
  • Accessorize, if that’s your thing. Have fun matching different types of jewelry and outfits for a day out with your friends, or your significant other.
  • Get a pregnancy photo shoot done, include your spouse or partner if they are present. Not only is this a great memento from this time in your life, but it can also make you feel glamorous and beautiful and confident as you show off your beautiful pregnant body.

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